Football madness

I just saw the end of the USC- UCLA game.  With less than a minute in the game, USC is up 21-7 and has the ball.  Instead of kneeling and letting the clock run out, the USC offensive coordinator calls a pass play and the QB throws a long pass for a TD, causing a ruckus to break out.  Why, Pete Carroll, why???  Did you do this to make you feel better?  USC 28-7…

Arkansas has LSU on the ropes at the end of the game.  They lead the game, but LSU has the ball.  Arkansas lets LSU drive and they kick a field goal to win the game… LSU scores a field goal in the OT and Arkansas can’t move the ball.  I remember watching Arkansas play 7 or 8 overtimes in a game a few years ago.  Take care of the game during regulation and you don’t let this happen.

The upcoming weekend is going to be superb.