Frankfurt wrapup

Here are a few photos from my 5 days in Frankfurt.

This first photo is something I never believed I would see on a Mercedes Benz…


Look closely at the upper part of the window. I guess it is true that duct tape will fix anything!! By the third day I noticed the tape had been removed…

Here are some shots from the city…

ff1.jpg ff2.jpg ff-river.jpg
Frankfurt sits on the Main river.

Interesting trees, not sure why they have been cut back… The old Opera House…

ff3.jpg church-sign.jpg

There is a beautiful Catholic church in the heart of the city, near the river. The sign was inside the church. I arrived there around 12:30 p.m. and there was a service in progress. Now, admittedly, I can imagine that they don’t appreciate visitors coming in during their service and taking pictures, however, the sign startled me. I cannot imagine ever putting up a sign that says “service in progress, no visitors please.”

My last photo is funny to me. In 2004, I visited friends that used to live in Frankfurt. A mutual friend flew over to spend time with us over Thanksgiving. James and I laughed so hard at this sign.


2 thoughts on “Frankfurt wrapup

  1. Joe,

    The duct tape was probably there to hold the new windshield in place – commonly done here also when installing a windshield. As for the Ausfahrt ….. not much I can add there.

  2. Mark,
    I learned something through you about the duct tape. I had no idea that DT was used to hold the glass in place…


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