Freaky Friday the 14th?

I arrived back in Karaganda early this morning (6 a.m.)  As I stepped off the train I realized that it was pretty nippy here. While the weather in Almaty was getting cooler at night, it hadn’t gotten this cold I didn’t think…

Well, today was overcast, windy and I wore a light jacket whenever I was out.  I couldn’t believe how much it felt like fall already.  I just checked the forecast and it is supposed to get down to 26 tonight.  I do hope it gets as warm as it says it will, the high is supposed to be 71 and sunny.

I am supposed to move my belongings from the garage to my apartment tomorrow so that I can begin the process of unpacking and getting settled…   After 3 months of living out of suitcases, I will be happy to do the work of getting settled.