Fruitful day

Getting set up in a new city takes time, right? I felt like Monday was a productive day for me…

First, I went to the bank to open a new account. After getting across to the bookkeeper what I wanted in my “caveman” Russian, she set about preparing the paperwork. At first, after explaining what I wanted to do, there was some confusing. But after a while she finally “understood” me and everything was completed in less than an hour!

This past summer, this same bank was very helpful to one of the American students who was having trouble getting his ATM card to work here. So, I really have grown to appreciate this bank and its employees.

Another situation required some travel and lots of looking. I purchased a Lexmark printer in Kyiv several years ago. Since I was moving to Kazakhstan, I brought the printer with me. There is only one small (BIG) problem. They do not sell Lexmark printers in the city where I live (maybe not in Kstan at all???).

So, this also means that finding ink for the printer is impossible. Why would a store sell printer ink if they don’t sell the printer. This makes perfect sense!!! Well, my friend Max proved to be ever helpful as usual. He told me of a store in a building right across the street from my apartment that sells Lexmark ink cartridges. I walked over there and found the small office and sure enough they had the cartridges I needed! Thanks for the info Max!

So, Monday down and now Tuesday is here… What adventures await me…?

2 thoughts on “Fruitful day

  1. So, you DID bought that cartridges for the price they wanted?! I said you’d better buy a new printer! In a time that cartridges will be empty again, so what will you do, Joe. Buy new one?

  2. I agree with you Max. The cartridges will need to be replaced. However, do you replace your printer at work every time the cartridge runs dry? No! I may look at purchasing a new printer, but right now I needed ink more than I needed a new printer.

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