Funny sight…

I was on the metro on Thursday and this particular line is underground except for when it crosses the Dniper River on the Southern Bridge in Kyiv.  Anyway, I was standing near the door when we came above ground.  I looked over at the cars passing by on the bridge and saw a delivery truck.  As it passed by I noticed two little heads trying to peak out of the back of the truck which was covered by netting.

I looked once and then again as I wasn’t sure what I was seeing.  Several others in the train noticed as well and were smiling.  It was what I thought… two little pigs… one very pink, the other black and brown, trying their best to get some fresh air!  By then, I was smiling too!

4 thoughts on “Funny sight…

  1. Fantastic website, Joe! It’s nice to have you back on this side of the ocean!

  2. Joe,
    We are thankful that you are safely in Ukraine and continue to pray for you daily. We look forward to regular updates/news about your work thereand know the lord will bless your efforts as you serve Him.
    We LOVE you.
    Smoky and Inez

  3. Jennifer, I give all the credit to Steve. He does a SUPER job! And it is great to be on this side of the ocean!

    Robert, there could have been a third and even more, I just saw the two trying to escape 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

    Inez and Smoky, Thank you for praying!!!I will try to update as much as possible!!! I love you both as well!

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