Football…or soccer? The game of soccer, or as the rest of the world excluding the US calls it, football, is BIG news at the moment. With the World Cup dominating the news right now, it is almost impossible to not know what is going on.

Turn on the news, CNN, and it is the MAIN story. Watch any Russian or Kazakh station and the World Cup is being spoken about. I have found myself getting caught up in the hoopla.

Of course, this is nothing new for me. I became interested in football (soccer) while attending Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls. As a journalism major, I wrote a few sports stories and one year MSU hosted the NAIA National Soccer Championships.

I remember the week as if it happened just yesterday. It was one of those times when a blue northerner blew in and during the week of Thanksgiving it turned off VERY cold. One sports writer from Florida didn’t bring any long pants and almost froze to death!

So, that week of soccer, I mean football, changed my thoughts about the sport and I have enjoyed it ever since. Moving to Europe meant that I would get to watch more of it. I love attending Kyiv Dynamo matches, especially when they get to play in the UEFA Championships League and all the great teams, such as Real Madrid, come to town!

I wanted to watch the USA- Italy match last night, but it started at 12:50 a.m. It was just too late for me. (I’m not that much of a die-hard fan!)

So, if you haven’t watched a match yet, catch the action on the pitch. It really is an international sport!