In the last few years I have become more interested in my family roots.  So, with some of the free time I have while I am home, I have been scouring the internet for my family tree.

Also, I have found some letters written to me from my dad’s sister that has enabled me to confirm some of the things I have found on line.  It has been an interested journey thus far.  I am hoping to go to the burial site of my grandparents in a few weeks.  They are buried in Roosevelt, OK, along with my great grandmother.  My great grandfather is supposed to be buried in northwest Arkansas, so I am planning a trip there sometime in the spring.

My mother’s family started their research some years ago, so we have found much of their line and when they came to the US, but I really didn’t know much about my dad’s family.  It has been great to find some things and as I continue this journey I hope to keep you updated…