Getting ahead

God continues to use Buddy to reveal some life lessons that sometimes I need to relearn or think about again.  Such was the case today.

I live near a major road in town.  Almost every time I take Buddy for a walk we go across the street to an area that is more conducive for Buddy to take care of his business.

As we near the street, Buddy has already learned that he usually runs across the street.  However, we only run when there aren’t cars coming, which he hasn’t learned yet.  So, as soon as Buddy sees the road, he begins to take off.  I have realized that I have to shorten his lease before we even get close to the road.

Other times, he sees a person or something of interest and he takes off.  Of course, his lease will come to its end and he will fall or choke a little.  Sometimes the opposite happens.  I get too far ahead of Buddy because he has been sidetracked with some paper or something that has captured his attention.

I was reminded of this today as we were walking.  How often do I run ahead of God because I think I know best or how often I get distracted and not see ahead for what God has waiting for me?  Unfortunately, I’m afraid it probably happens more than I am willing to admit.

Fortunately, as God has taught me, sometimes I have to wait on Buddy to smell something or simply rest.  And other times I have to shorten the lease to keep him out of harms way.  The same is true of God.  God is patient with us and oftentimes, He is waiting for us to make wise choices before we go forward.  And, is often the case, He tries to slow us down so that we can stop and see the beauty that lies just ahead.

I guess there truly is much I can learn from my dog.  I just need to slow down, look and listen.