Getting ready

The countdown has begun to my move to Donetsk.  I have arranged for my things to be moved next Monday morning.  My plan is for me to follow the driver to Donetsk.  Since I have never driven in that direction I need all the help I can get!

The trip is around 450 miles one way.  This wouldn’t be too bad if the roads were in good shape and there were signs to direct the way.  So, we are hoping it will take less than 12 hours to drive, counting stops, etc.

I am trying to get my stuff re-packed, etc.  I have received all the stuff I shipped from the US, so I am going through it and putting it in smaller boxes.

I am ready to be there!  T- 7 days and counting…

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  1. Joe, I got your feed from the IMB Europe Facebook…it piqued my interest when u said you were moving to Donetsk. My wife was born and raised in Donetsk, and still has family and friends there. If you are looking for some ministry deas outside of Donetsk too, there is a town about an hour away North to Northeast called Druzhkovka. My wife’s aunt and cousins live there. It’s about 60,000 people. It has a large Baptist church there and when I was there three years ago, they had planted a new one. My guess is that area would be a good place to do an English camp. I’ve been in the public schools there too to talk about English as well as what I believe. FYI, my wife and I are with the company in Moscow.

  2. Brian, I have heard of you through Kenneth. It may take several months before I head outside of Donetsk, but I will check into it. Thanks for the info…

  3. Joe: Dave Mehaffey drove us down from Kyiv to Simferpolo in lots of bad weather it was snowing almost all day. We made it in 12 hours with only one stop, if you don’t count the stop by the police.

    I know you will be fine, looking forward to seeing pictures when you get yourself settled.

  4. Loys, Sounds like a regular adventure in UA. By the way, I will be taking the Niva to Donetsk. Anything I should know about the vehicle that you haven’t alreday told me? 🙂

  5. Joe, the Niva was a fun drive and reliable. The only thing I would mention is that each winter the A/C freon would leak out and at the beginning of warm weather I would get it recharged and it would last through the summer.

    No other problems that I recall. Enjoy.

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