God at work

Anya’s first prayer request when we began meeting earlier this year for their missions trip to Kstan was to pray for her unbelieving parents and other student’s who have unbelieving parents. Her concern was that all of their parents would not understand why they would want to travel to Kstan, nor what they would do there.

Almost every time we met for prayer, we prayed for unbelieving parents. In my quiet times I prayed for them. I asked many of my prayer partners to pray. And God answered!

When the university classes began a few weeks ago, I met with the Kiev Christian students, Anya related a story that brought tears to many eyes that evening.

Anya returned home from Kstan on fire for the Lord’s work. She invited her regional pastor (like a director of missions in America) to visit her. They traveled to several villages. When they returned to her apartment she invited him in for tea with her family.

While she and her mother prepared the tea, Anatoli (the regional pastor) began sharing God’s plan has for each of us. Anya’s mother listened intently to what he had to say. At the end of the conversation, Anatoli invited her mother to pray a prayer of repentance and a new child of God was born!!! Hallelujah!

As I listened to her story, I was reminded of our first prayer meeting and her prayer request. I shared with Anya that God heard and listened. Her obedience to go may very well led to her mother being born again.

We never know the plans the Father has for us. However, we must be obedient and follow Him. What is He asking you to do?