This afternoon I went for a walk. While I was out I decided to go look for a coat to wear over my suit for spring as the other coat I have is for heavy duty cold weather.

After looking, I began the trek home. I noticed a young man walking near me and then he asked me if I have a match to light his cigarette. I told him I didn’t smoke and didn’t have a light for him.

In English, he said, “Are you American?” So, we began talking. We walked and he shared with me that he was a student at the state university in Karaganda. His English was very good.

He knows all the Americans in the city and told me about several of them. (I still haven’t met any of them myself.) He invited me to a meeting that a couple of Peace Corps workers hold every Tuesday. He even walked me to the library where the meeting is held (which is not far from my home).

We walked to my apartment building and he told me that there are three American young ladies living in my building, but in a differnt entrance. I didn’t know that! There are Americans in my building!

He asked me if we could meet again so I set up a time to meet with him on Wednesday. He says that he asked Jesus into his heart, but after our almost one hour walk/talk, I heard much doubt in his heart.

I need an interpreter now and then so it was good to meet a young man that speaks very good English. Pray for Eric (that is what he asked me to call him and I can’t remember his real name at the moment) as I meet with him on Wednesday. God truly does work in mysterious ways…