God's love is sufficient

Saturday morning when I arrived at the nursing home I could tell that my mom’s condition had worsened.  She wasn’t able to speak and her skin color had changed.

Most of the grandchildren that could be here had arrived and all were able to speak to mom.  By afternoon, I was singing some of her favorite hymns to her.  Mom’s two remaining sisters arrived and had time with mom as well.

We sang some more songs and many left to have the evening meal.  While they were gone, my two oldest sisters and I were with mom.  After the nurses cleaned her up, she seems agitated.  We were about to give her some medicine to calm her down and she took a big breath and then she passed into gloryland!

The nursing home allowed us to have almost another hour with mom to reflect on her life, cry, love on her and each other.  Then I led our family in a prayer of thanksgiving.  It was the most incredible time for me.

Thank you Father for allowing me to be home with my mom and family.  Your love for us is sufficient!

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  1. Joe, Thanks for sharing this. It sounds like it was both heart-rending and glorious. You and your family continues in our prayers.

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