Gori, Republic of Georgia

During my trip to Georgia, I spent 2 days in Gori.  It is situated not too far from South Ossetia, an area that has been in dispute since Georgia gained it’s independence in 1991.

The people there made me feel welcomed and men on the streets would even nod their heads when I acknowledged them.  Several young people spent most of their Saturday showing me around.

On one side of town is a church located high up on the hill.  As we walked up to the hill, I thought I was going to die during the first bit as it was straight up!  The treasure waited us after we got to the church.  It provided a wonderful view of the city.

The church isn’t active from what I could tell.  The doors were pad locked.  However, one is free to roam around the property.  It was incredbily windy up on the top.

Notice the red roofs on the buildings in the left photo.  These buildings suffered damage from a bomb that hit near a school.  The blue roof building is where the bomb it.  Much of the damage has already been repaired.  In the photo on the right is the tent city where numerous refugees live.

After hiking back down the hill, we had lunch in a Georgian restuarant and then spent the afternoon in the city.  There is an old castle in the city.  It dates back to the first century, but has been rebuilt.

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It is a delightful city.  I really enjoyed my time there.

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  1. Joseph,nam ochen panravilas tvaia statia pra nash gorad “Gori”.mi lubim nashix druzei i vnimanie kotoroe akazali nam. mi gordi shto vi nash brat va xriste.God bless you are our lovely friend and miss you all.

    p.s. we are visiting you in your country.we have very beautiful places you have to see. and so we are waiting youuuuuuuuuuu.

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