Got my tickets!

Shortly after moving to Donetsk, I purchased some tickets to a football match.  While buying the tickets, they had advertisements up around the ticket booth about a FAN-ID card.  Purchase the card for 10 griven, then purchase tickets to two home games and you get priority for purchasing tickets to the Champions League.

Of course, the application has a place for your email and mobile numbers.  Since then, I get regular updates on the football team via email and info about tickets via SMS on my mobile.  I had purchased tickets to two home games so it gave me priority to purchase tickets to the UEFA Champions League.

Yesterday, I received an SMS from the team telling me that tickets would go on sale this morning for those with priority.  So, I went to the stadium expecting long lines, but was able to purchase 2 tickets to all three home games for the Champions League.  I was amazed at how easy it was.  My favorite area had already sold out, so I had to purchase in a different area.

I will not tell you to what lengths I had to go to to see Champions League games in Kiev a few years ago, and we could only purchase the tickets a few days before the match.  Amazingly, most good seats were gone, even if you went on the first morning that tickets were on sale.  Plus, you could only get tickets for one game at a time.

I am EXTREMELY impressed with the marketing of the Donetsk Shakhtar team.  They are using a variety of methods to keep people informed, even using new technology.

I am excited about seeing Arsenal from England in November.  That should be a great game.  I really like Shakhtar’s chances of getting into the knock out stages next spring.  Akhmetov (the owner and richest man in UA) is committed to putting a first class team on the field and shows it by going after players.

Now, I just hope I am able to get tickets to the biggest rivalry match between Shakhtar and Dynamo Kyiv in early October…

2 thoughts on “Got my tickets!

  1. Sounds much more fun than those BB games we used to go to in WF. The Longhorns won today and I have found a fellow Longhorn fan in the Moore Medical Center (where I work now). There are more Longhorn fans in this area than you would think. Have fun at the games.

  2. Brenda,
    Horn fans in Norman… who’d a thunk it! 🙂
    The football games will hopefully live up to their hype. I am looking forward to going!
    Go Horns!

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