Grace church

Grace church, which will be 3 years old soon, is very dear to my heart. I taught English classes there for over a year, and have been involved in several other ministries as well.

However, what I love most is getting to know the people.

The pastor, Valodia, and his family are very dear to me. His wife just gave birth to their second son recently. Last evening, Vova and I finally had time to meet and catch up on ministry. It was the first time in months and we were both blessed by the time.

Pasha, who is one of my best friends in Kyiv, is a deacon at the church. He recently got married to a beautiful young lady, Julia. When I am not in town or unable to attend, Pasha keeps me informed to what is going on. God is using Pasha tremendously there in Grace.

Last night I attended the prayer meeting after my time with Vova. Vova shared from the Word for about 5 minutes and the next 2 hours was spent in prayer! It was an incredbly blessed time. Four or five times we broke up into small groups to pray for specific areas: family and friends; unbelievers; needs of the church; ministry opportunities; and personal needs. I was blessed by brothers and sisters praying for each other’s needs.

It was a great evening of blessings. God is good…