Great day for a walk

Today was a beautiful day… sunny and not too hot.  After getting some studying done and answering emails this morning, I decided to take a walk to a grocery story one metro stop away from where I live.

All week, I have been craving a hamburger.  Several times I was tempted to go to McD for a Royal Cheeseburger (available for a limited time… why???).  I haven’t had a hamburger for a couple of weeks, at least.  So I dressed and walked to McD.  I had a great time ordering.

Sergey, the young man you waited on me, spoke some English and wanted to practice on me.  So I would order in Russian and he would respond in English.  I really don’t like ketchup on my burgers (can’t explain why, just don’t!), so I ordered a Royal Cheeseburger without ketchup.  Well, it took a while… longer than normal and Sergey was able to wait on several people before my burger was ready (a little more than 10 minutes to make!).

McDonald’s in America would love to have the traffic these McD’s have here.  However, people will sit far longer, eating and conversing in a Ukrainian McD’s.  I enjoyed watching people come and go and watch the kids in their birthday room play games!

I finished my meal and then walked down the street to the next metro stop, walked under the major highway, over to the shopping center.  There is a large grocery store in the center (this is normal for central and eastern Europe).  While shopping I ran into some colleagues and we visited a while before finishing up my shopping.

After paying and stuffing some things in my backpack, I began the walk home, enjoying the weather and the walk.  It truly was a great day for a walk…