Great day for worship

It was incredible to be in church yesterday. I attended Grace Church in Kyiv. It is my “home church” that I attend.

They are now having two services. When the 10 am service started there were probably 25 people. A little bit later the place was packed. The second service, which begins at 12 noon, wasn’t so full, but nevertheless, between the 2 services there were over 150 people.

A brother I have known for about 1 1/2 years preached. It was the first time I heard him. He did a great job. My friend, Pasha, preached the first message and I am thankful for his service to the Lord. I remember hearing his first sermon over 3 years ago. It was about 10 minutes. Yesterday’s was probably closer to 20 and it flowed very nicely and kept people’s attention.

I shared a little bit about my trip to America. I shared how I visited 15 churches in Mississippi and how someone from every just about every church had been to Ukraine on a mission trip. Plus I had met many people from other churches in MS who had been to UA.

I told the church that the Lord had blessed Ukraine Baptists since the fall of Communism and now it was their turn to give back. I challenged them to serve the Lord with gladness in everything they do.

Later that afternoon, all the IMB missionaries in Kyiv had our monthly time of worship together. We get together once a month for fellowship and worship. I was asked to share and so I spoke from Romans 10:13-21. It is a powerful passage and has encouraged as I am preparing to move to Kstan.

Our host family, the Atkins, have recently moved to a home outside of Kyiv and so it was my first time to be there. It is a beautiful place not far from the Irpen River. There are lots of houses being built in the area so unfortunately, it will probably lose the charm it has now. It does have a great view though, at least for now…

I hope your Lord’s Day was special as well. Have a great week!