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Great story…

I remember Sam Wyche as he coached the Cincinnati Bengals.  I ran across this story on  It was neat to hear how he is still coaching… as a volunteer coach for a high school team.  Way to go coach…


  1. Hey Joe,
    Enjoying your notes on your website… did you get your Vonage working? Your problems may be related to the internet. Try making calls during off-peak hours when the speed is not compromised. The car looks great. Emily saw you and the car in the picture and blew you a kiss. God Bless!
    Mark and Pam

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I finally got the phone to work. The problem was that my internet connection had a login and password requirement, but I finally was able to get some things changed and now it works, PTL!
    Please give Emily a hug and kiss from me. Every time I am in Yugo vostok I pray for the children at the home.

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