Greetings! (Again!)

After taking almost a year off from blogging (I was never into the Georgian Soso blog), I am giving myself another try.

As I sit here in my Tbilisi apartment on an overcast day, I am pondering what lies ahead.  In just a few days I will head to Texas for 5 months.  A few months ago I could tell you that I wasn’t looking forward to it.  However, I AM NOW!

Recently, much has happened in my life (to which I am not going to rehash here).  Needless to say, it has been difficult for me at times but God is healing my heart.

The last few weeks I have spent getting things in order here.  I have packed up most of my apartment with just a few things left to pack.  It is interesting, that every time I do this, I find there is so much more I can live without.  For instance, why do we hold on to clothing?  There were a couple of things that moved with me from Kazakhstan.  I haven’t worn them at all since arriving here.  Well, they are now in the trash!

DVD’s are something else… Three years ago when I returned from an extended time in the US, I purchased numerous DVDs at Blockbuster.  After watching most of them, I have held on to them.  There were a few that I never watched.  Anyway, those some DVDs went from Kyiv, Ukraine to Karaganda, Kazakhstan to Tbilisi, Georgia.  They have lots of traveling miles!  However, about 20 of them found themselves in the give away pile.  They are not making another trip with me!

The hardest thing I have found to give away or take back to the US are souvenirs.  I had already planned to take several things back to the US that I don’t need or use.  However, when it came time to pack them, they went into the keep pile.  I even put several things in my suitcase to take home and yesterday I took several pieces out and put them in trunks to keep here.

I think I did a fair job of getting rid of things and may still get rid of more.  I do have 3 days left so there is hope!

I am looking forward to being back in the US, especially what I have planned for the first few weeks.  I will travel to DFW on Thursday, Nov 12 and then fly to Houston on Friday, the 13th to get a car that I have reserved.  Then I will travel back to Fort Worth.  I hope to attend the TCU football game on Saturday night.

I will spend a few days there and then travel to Wichita Falls for a few days in order to get a physical.  The next weekend I am traveling to Austin to watch Texas play Kansas and to relax there over the weekend!  I will spend Thankgsiving in Wichita Falls with family.

So, there is my start to a new blog…  I hope you will return to see what else is going on.  Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Greetings! (Again!)

  1. So good to see you blogging again! We have so enjoyed reading your postings in the past and look forward to doing so again. Have a great time while in the States. Blessings to you dear friend!

  2. @D&D- I hope that I can do this as often as possible. I am looking forward to my time in the US and look forward to seeing you in January!
    @Mike- I will be in Texas this weekend! Just in time to see TCU play and then head to Austin next weekend for the Kansas game! Yeehaw!

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