Greetings from Karaganda

Well, the Kim’s and I arrived back in Karaganda yesterday evening. We attended a retreat where we heard some great music and preaching. Al Gilbert, the pastor of Calvary taught from 2 Timothy. He taught us a way to remember 2 Timothy 2:16-17. (All Scripture is inspired by God…)

He shared with us the 3 strands of cord that runs through the Book: Relationships, Stewardship and Call to Action. In this Book of 83 verses there are 25 imperatives! He reminded us from chapter two to be FAT!!! Faithful, Available and Teachable. Now that’s something I can take a bite of! Along with being FAT, we need to be committed to the task.

Chapter 3 is full of characteristics that we shouldn’t strive to be: lovers of self and money, boastful, etc. Our call to action in verse 5 is to “avoid such men.” Don’t forget the conjuction in vs 10: Paul reminds Timothy “but you…” continued to follow my teaching.

Chapter 4 is a call to action full of imperatives: Preach the Word, reprove, rebuke, encourage, be sober, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, and fulfill your ministry.

I was blessed to be able to retreat from work for a couple of days and rest in the presence of the Lord. Wednesday was a tremendously stressful day for me when I received the news about my mother needing to go to a nursing home.

However, it was a blessing for me to know that many of you were lifting up my mom, sisters and me and the situation. God heard your prayers and answered them. Thank you for praying.