Grocery shopping, Ukraine style

I went grocery shopping on Thursday evening.  One of the better grocery stores is not available on the left bank of the Dniper, so I waited until after rush hour to cross the river to shop.

I had heard about a store that carried some hard to find items, so I decided to go there first.  The store is called “Delight” and it did have some things that aren’t carried in other stores.  One item I found is cheddar cheese.  They actually had two kinds: one from Germany and the other for the UK.  The German cheese didn’t even have a slight hint of cheddar flavoring.  The English was PERFECT.  Only one problem, it sells for $19 a pound.  I do admit that I bought 200 grams and will eat a little at a time!

Afterward, I drove to Mega Market.  It is a good store with lots of variety… of alcohol.  Probably 1/4 to 1/3 of the store is alcohol!  Here are some of the items I bought:  Tortilla chips $6.65 for a large bag.  Eggs, 10 count: $1.60; Gallon of milk: $5.64 (of course we have milk by liter, but I adjusted it in terms Americans would understand); Can of corn: $1.17; Can of tuna: $2.29; Box of crackers: $5.57 (small box).

As you can see, many of the items are much more expensive than in the US, but we do have some food products that are cheaper, mostly produce as it is locally grown.  However, much of it is seasonal.

I was able to get much of what I went to the store to buy and returned home just as the sun set, a little after 10 p.m.