Half-way Pravaslavna…?

As I was studying recently for a Baptist History class I taught at the Bible Institute, my memory was refreshed on the Half-Way Covenant. This was the idea that if a child was baptized in infancy, they were regarded as members of the church to which their parents belonged. This was the practice in the 1600’s, which some still adhere to today. There is more to the idea, but I won’t go into it right now.

Anyway, I was in a store looking at vacuum cleaners and trying to decide what I wanted to buy. I overheard one of the clerks speaking to another clerk about the Bible and, of course, my ears perked up. I asked a third clerk who was helping me what they were speaking about. He really didn’t know. He asked me if I was a believer.

I took this as a possibility that he was as well. So I asked him where he went to church. He told me, “nowhere.” He told me that he was Pravaslavna (which is the Orthodox church here in the former SU).

I asked him if he had EVER been to church and he said no. I asked him how did he know he was Pravaslavna then. He said, “My parents are, therefore I am.” I asked him if it wasn’t a bit strange to consider yourself something if you had never even seen what that something looked like.? He just looked at me.

I told him that he was a young man that seemed to be fairly smart (I was trying to get him to think for himself) and that if I was going to consider myself something I would want to know what that something believed in. Again, he just looked at me.

He asked me what I believed and so I told him. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a Bible or anything with me and so I told him since I knew where he worked, I would come back to talk more.

Do you know in Whom you believe? If not, drop me a note and we will chat.