Happy… but worried

Three weeks in a row I have seen the Longhorns play on TV here.  I am extremely happy that the Longhorns won.  However, I am worried.  I watched the offense unable to punch it in on the one yard line and the defense hasn’t been able to stop OU, MO or OSU.

I saw the first 3 quarters of the TT-KU game last night.  TT looks tough on offense.  This will be the fourth game in a row that Texas will have played an undefeated team.  Can the streak continue???  I hope so, but I am worried…

Yea Orange, yea white… yea Longhorns, fight! fight! fight!

2 thoughts on “Happy… but worried

  1. I am with you Joe. It should be an exciting game. TT can move the ball, but so can TX. Lookin’ forward to Sat. eve.

    Steve Nethery

  2. I wish the game was going to be shown live here… however, I checked the schedule and the Viasat people have Hockey Night in Canada scheduled…

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