Harvest Day

Baptist churches across the former Soviet Union celebrate Harvest day. It is a great celebration where people bring fruits and veggies and other goodies to the church and all of it is displayed and then there are numerous sermons about the harvest. Usually the services are long with 5-9 sermons. Many churches then have a meal.

At one of the churches in Vinnitsa, I saw some yellow squash, but it was in the shape of our white squash (which is becoming more popular here). However, yellow squash is still hard to find.

After I returned to Kyiv last night, I went to the grocery store and what did I find there?!? Yellow squash! Of course I had to have some. However, it was expensive. It was over $3 for 3 pieces. I don’t imagine that I will be buying much of that! However, I am looking forward to cooking some today! Yippie!!!