Heading to the US

It is 11:30 pm in Tbilisi and my flight leaves at 5:40 a.m.  I need to leave my apartment in a few hours.  I should be resting but I can’t.  I have had such a LOOOONG day.  But I was able to get everything done that needed to be done (I did have to spend several hours at the bank in order for that to happen).

It has been an interesting year in Tbilisi and the Republic of Georgia.

I just had a very interesting conversation with my neighbor who is 16 years old and speaks pretty good English.  He is a good kid with what seems to be great parents.  I bought him a University of Texas t-shirt on my last trip to Texas and then gave him some other t-shirts tonight along with a couple of Reece’s Cups and Tootsie rolls.

So, after about 27 hours I will arrive at DFW Thursday evening.  I’m sure my time in the US will be interesting as well. See some of you on the other side of the pond…