Heat turned up

After waking up and having a cup of coffee, I decided I needed to take a walk before it got too hot.  So, I dressed and went out the door.

I have a great walking street, Boulevard Pushkina, that makes for a great view, so I turned right on Pushkina and headed south.  The boulevard looks incredible this time of year.  All sorts of flowers blooming and all the roses of different colors and shapes adorn the walk.

There were lots of people out walking along the boulevard, some heading to work or to class, while others were just enjoying the “fresh” air or just being outside.  I had a great time of communing with the Lord this morning as I walked.  I shared some burdens and prayed for several people facing surgery or major decisions.

Also, I prayed for the events that are facing me in the near future.  I have two really big teams coming soon, back to back.  The biggest group I have been in charge of until now is 11, both of these groups have 16 or more!  So, I need lots of prayers as I try to finish up the preparations.

By the time I started to head home, the sun was really up and getting warm.  Before lunch I headed to the office supply store which is 3 long blocks from my apartment.  I decided it is easier to walk and by the time I headed home and facing the sun, it was in the mid 80’s.  I was really sweating by the time I got back to my apartment.

After a week of rain and mild temperatures, I guess summer has decided to return. The heat is on…