Heat wave

I arrived in Astana on Monday morning. I waited for the bus to take me to the train/bus station. I spoke to several people while waiting on the bus.

I got on the bus along with about 10 others at the airport. We were told to get our suitcases, etc in a secure place as soon the bus would be filled with people going to work. I sat down by a Kazakh young man. He asked me in English, “What language do you speak?”

People can always tell when I speak Russian that I am not a Russian native. So, I told him I was from the US and he shared with me that he had studied 4 months at Lackland. He is a lieutenant in the Kazakh military. It was nice to speak to him. He got off the bus before I could get his phone number.

I got to the bus station and got my ticket. About an hour into the ride I fell asleep as I didn’t sleep much on the flight. I woke up later all sweaty. I realized it was quite warm (downright hot?).

How could a place that just 3 weeks before have snow falling and the temp zero celcius now be so hot at 35 celcius?!?

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I can tell you the heat wave continues. I’m going to play basketball this evening, the the heat will allow me to…