The last few days have turned colder in Kyiv. It finally got below freezing two nights ago. Since then the temperature in the apartment has been dropping and it got down to around 65.

As you may recall, our apartments are heated by a central broiler and the hot water is piped in to the apartment radiators to heat the rooms. It is usually turned on around October 15. Well, I was becoming a little impatient as I have been wearing more and more clothing during the day and still getting chilled.

Several times this morning, I felt the radiator. I knew that today had to be the day. Well, finally after 11 a.m. this morning I felt some warmth on the pipes and it is now a cozy 70 degrees. My apartment is fairly air tight so I know soon it will be probably too warm for me… We are never satisfied! However, I am excited that since the heat is on, my clothes can dry overnight! My dryer has returned!!