Highways and by-ways, part 2

From Uglidar, we traveled through a city where a  museum has been dedicated to Nestor Makhno.  He is believed to have been an anarchist who fought for the Red Army when convenient, and then for the White Army when convenient.  You can read more here.  He is believed to have committed numerous crimes against Mennonites in Ukraine during the Bolshevik War.

The pastors pointed out to me that there were many Mennonites who had lived in this particular city and one building has the word “FAITH” outlined in the bricks to this day.

From there we traveled into the Zaparozhia oblast and to the city of Pologi.  It is a city of around 30,000 with a new church start that is about 4 years old.  They bought an old culture house a few years ago and are remodeling the building.  You can access photos here.

The building is in new of lots of repairs.  I questioned why they don’t tear the building down and build a new, smaller building.  However, in Ukraine, at the time, you didn’t buy the land, you bought the building.  Therefore, any changes to the structure would require lots of paperwork and then would still probably be denied.  So, the church is faced with a major remodeling project.

I was quite impressed with the young pastor and his wife.  They have a heart to reach out to their community.  Please pray for them and the work in Pologi.  As I have an opportunity to visit them, I will try to keep you informed.