History being made…

As I sit here working on the web, I am watching CNN International.  Kosovo has just voted to become an independent nation from Serbia.

This has been a long time in the making.

In April 1999, I traveled to Albania to help with all the refugees from Kosovo during the Kosovar War.  Here is what was written in May 1999 in the Baptist Standard and can be accessed here:
“Joe Ragan, a student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, worked in Ereske, south of Korca. The three-man team developed a sanitation and personal hygiene system for about 500 refugees who were sheltered in a gymnasium.

Ragan wrote in his journal about one extended family of 33 people, living in a 12-by-16 foot room, their sleeping mats lining all four walls with only a narrow footpath through the room’s center. The family had been forced at gunpoint to leave their home in Pristina with only the clothing on their backs.”

I clearly remember those 14 days I spent in Korca and Erseke (correct spelling).  I specifically remember meeting Gesmond and his family in that 12×16 room.  I have often wondered about him and what ever happened to him.  He was a medical student and had big plans for being a doctor.  He lived in Pristina when he, along with his family, was forced from their home.

I really don’t have an opinion about their independence.  However, I will be praying for things to remain peaceful in Serbia and specifically in the Kosovo region.