Home again…

After 6 days of being on the road, I arrived home late Monday afternoon. It felt great to be home after an incredible road trip. Some colleagues and I traveled to Pavlodar over the weekend to visit the church there and see some friends.

I drove to Astana on Wednesday. Before leaving town the rain had begun and on the way there, the snow began to fall. It was snowing pretty hard by the time I got to Astana. We went to eat dinner at the new mall that has just opened there. Here are a couple of shots from the mall.

october-2007-045.jpg october-2007-049.jpg october-2007-046.jpg

The next morning, we drove to Pavlodar (north-northeast Kstan). The drive there was nice considering the weather. We did see some great photo opps, however, we weren’t able to take pictures of the lone horseman watching his cattle in a driving snowstorm. Or the horses standing along side the road, apparently, unattended. Or the workers dismantling an old electric line, rolling up the wires (and they were there on Sunday evening on the drive back when the temp was around 2 degrees and we didn’t see a vehicle that they could get in to warm up!).

october-2007-328.jpg october-2007-321.jpg october-2007-322.jpg

The first picture is an excavation hole. There is coal being extracted there. The other two photos are of a Muslim cemetery.

Pavlodar is a beautiful city located on a river. It snowed all the way there and the temps dropped to zero by the time we arrived there. It was cold.

october-2007-263.jpg october-2007-261.jpg october-2007-243.jpg october-2007-238.jpg

The first photo is a Muslim wedding group after their ceremony in the mosque in the second photo. The third photo is some young men playing “ice hockey” with a tennis ball. The last photo is a mobile meat truck selling sausages on the street in the center of the city.

We went to the Central Baptist church on Sunday morning. These are photos of Roman and me preaching and a shot of the congregation.

october-2007-297.jpg october-2007-287.jpg october-2007-280.jpg

We drove back to Astana on Sunday afternoon. The roads were mostly clear. However, when I drove back to Karaganda on Monday afternoon, I found the roads to be heavily covered with ice in many spots. It is supposed to warm up to 28 today… I guess winter is definitely here now to stay…

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