Hording as a way of life

I have become a horder. When I left for Kstan, I had some food products that I packed in stored in a cool, dry place.

After returning to Kiev, I took the box down and unpacked the stuff. While I was happy to have the food, I got to looking through some of the stuff. I realized the brown sugar was getting hard. Also, some of the chocolate chips were left overs from a stash I had received at Christmas 2003 (over 1 1/2 years ago!).

You see, the problem is that an ex-pats tend to save things if they don’t know when they will get more of it. I never know when I will get “goodies” from America so I tend to save them. It’s stuff that I wouldn’t miss if I didn’t have them, but I like to save for a “rainy day.”

So, until the rainy day comes, the food stuff is stored in a black Contico container under my bed. Fortunately for the peanut butter chips, I had to prepare a dessert to take to our monthly worship service that the Kiev missionaries have and I wanted to take something different from my old standby of brownies.

I have to admit that I strayed from the diet and had a couple of the chocolate peanut butter cookies along with a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing (my ultimate fav!).

Now if I could just find a use for old, hard as a brick brown sugar. If you have any ideas, let me know…