Hot in Texas, cool in Kazakhstan… where do you think I want to be?

I received an email from Vitaliy in Karaganda.  He is a pediatrician there.  He wrote to see how I was doing and when I would be returning.  He mentioned to me that the weather had turned off cool there with the low being 5 degree Celsius (around 40-42 degrees F).  Looking at the weekend forecast there it seems that the highs will be in the upper 60’s lower 70’s.  While in Texas the heat wave is on after a warm but not hot summer.

It seems the weather is turning over much like the lakes do in Texas during the dog days of summer (whatever that means).

My sister, Jan, and I have went through much of my mother’s personal belongings and things are winding down here.  I am thinking of home and what is waiting me there.  I leave here next Wednesday.