I arrived in Astana yesterday and I have decided to change its name!  Atlanta is called Hotlanta and now we have Hotstana!  Yesterday the temperature gauge in my car read 40 c (104) and the weather site said 100.  Several friends arrived in Hostana before me and went sight seeing.  They called me shortly after lunch complaining about the heat.  Needless to say, they gave up on seeing the capitol.

I got to the Combs’ apartment and quickly opened their windows.  Usually they have a nice breeze blowing through, however, there was no wind last night. Fortunately, the fan to push the air around and provided some relieve during the night. The temps are supposed to stay in the 100 degree range for a couple of more days and then it will cool off.

I saw that the temps in Kyiv are much cooler, so I am looking forward to that this weekend.  I may try to find a place to go swimming later on Thursday or Friday…