How do I miss thee, let me count the ways…

Things I missed while in America…
-Watching a Texas Rangers game in Arlington (however, the team for the umpteenth year needs pitching!!!)
-Watching the Longhorns or the Horned Frogs play football
-Tubing down the Comal River in New Braunfels
-Eating Mexican food at Mi Tierra’s in San Antonio
-My high school’s 25th reunion (yes, it’s been that long!)
-Eating a hamburger at BJ Keefer’s or barbecue from Cousin’s in Fort Worth
-Watching the Yankee’s get beat by anybody (I root for 2 teams, the long-suffering Rangers and whoever is playing the Yankees!)

Things I enjoyed while in America…
-Eating Mexican food at Casa Manana in Wichita Falls
-Going to high school football games, especially to see Southlake Carroll play
-Attending a worship service all in the English language
-Fellowshipping with family and friends
-Eating a hamburger at Gene’s and a beanie burger at Stanley’s in Wichita Falls
-Staying in a hotel with a swimming pool and a fitness center
-Meeting new friends in Mississippi (and eating some great catfish!)

Is it just me or do most of our good times happen around meals!?!