How low can it go?

Most of you have probably heard that Moscow is having record cold. Well, it decided to move southwestward and has now enveloped us. Our high today was supposed to reach zero, however, the temperature never got above -8 as far as I could tell.

It was -17 or 18 last night. I was out in it this evening as I had a conference to attend. But, believe me, I would not have been otherwise. IT IS COLD!!! The wind is blowing (more like howling!!!) and right now it is -11 with a wind chill of -33.

I have to get out early in the morning to attend this conference, but I am not sure that I will get out on Sunday if it stays this cold!!!

My neighbor’s kids were told today that they would not be having school on Monday as the cold is supposed to stay around.

Pray for us!