How much for that Dr Pepper in the window???!!!

I had to try one.  I couldn’t resist…

So, after I found out that DP was available in Budapest, I took the tram to MOM Park, a shopping center in town.  On the bottom floor is a small fruit and vegetable store with DP for sale.

I already knew that is was expensive, but after the dentist had drilled on my teeth, I needed some comfort drink from the great state of Texas (while DP was invented in Texas, I don’t think the particular bottle I was drinking was made there…)  🙂

I looked at the price, figured it up in my head and debated whether or not to buy it.  I started to walk away, but turned around and bought it.

Then, today, after finishing up the appointment at the dentist, I was in need of more comfort food.  The Subway here sells those wonderful cookies just like in the US.  I knew that the cookies were expensive as well.  I had already contemplated buying them once before but couldn’t bring myself to buy one.

So, today, just like Wednesday, I was in need of some comfort food and went to Subway, counted out the money and bought a chocolate chip and an oatmeal/ raisin cookies.  They were very tasty.  I really wanted a peanut butter cookie.  However, beggars can’t be choosers in this situation!

Drinking 1/2 liter bottle of DP in Budapest: $3

Eating a cookie from Subway:  $1.20 (each)

Enjoying a little piece of home: PRICELESS!

Sounds like a good commercial…

2 thoughts on “How much for that Dr Pepper in the window???!!!

  1. Joe, If I see you in Kyiv on your way back to K-stan, I’ll give you some chocolate chip cookies from my kitchen. Not exactly like Subway’s (they have great cookies, don’t they?!!), but better than nothing! So, all these food temptations are hitting you between dentist appointments? Be sure to brush! 🙂

  2. Katie
    Thanks for the CC cookies Monday night! Along with the Ploff and other food, all of it was DE-LI-Cious! Of course, the fellowship with Shannon, Cameron, Carson (when he was around…) and you was terrific as well. Thanks for the invite. Now the Fords need to visit me in Kstan… 🙂

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