How much is it again?

Ukraine enjoyed a 4 day weekend that ended on Wednesday.  So, I took the opportunity to get out and look at some furniture.  I am praying about getting a new couch for my living room, but after what I saw, it may be a while!

I am a traditionalist when it comes to furniture.  I like simple, nothing too modern and definitely no wild patterns.  It should be comfy enough for me to take a Sunday afternoon nap on occasion.

I found a store that I had never been to before, so I took a look.  It was a big store, with 3 stories of furniture.  On the 1st floor, I found the best couch.  No wild patterns, subdued color (dark brown) and very comfy.  It even had a matching recliner.

She explained to me that the couch did make out into a bed, but not the usual Ukrainian way.  This intrigued me so I raised one of the cushions and found it folded out just like most couches in America.

There wasn’t a price tag on the furniture and that should have been my first clue!   All the other pieces in the area did.  So, I asked how much it was.  She said she would have to look.  She got on the phone and called someone (also not a good sign).  After a few minutes, she came and said 25.  Well, I know enough about Russian numbers that I knew what she meant, but I wanted her to spell it out for me!

So, I asked her again.  She said 25.  So, I asked 25,000 UAH and she said yes.  Then, she said, “I might could give you a discount.”  Does some figuring on her calculator and then says, 24.  24,000 UAH for a great, comfortable couch.  That happens to be over $3,000.

I smiled and thanked her.  Walking away I was already dreaming of the missed naps on that comfy couch.

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  1. Wow Joe! For 24000 UAH it should read to you while you fall asleep. Enjoy reading about your adventures in Ukraine! Are things getting busy getting ready for the Euro this summer?

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