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I can't believe I won!

As most of you know, the only English news channel I get is CNN International.  The channel shows Anderson Cooper’s show live and it comes on in Kazakhstan at 8 a.m.  So, if I am not busy I watch it from time to time.  I watched it this morning (Saturday) which would be Friday night in the US.

He has this segment called Beat 360 which is a photo of the day.  Someone on the staff comes up with a slogan for the photo and then they ask people to come up with their own.  The photo was of Scott McClellan and his attorney appearing before a Congressional committee.  The attorney appears to be trying to duck behind McClellan. This is what I wrote and at the end of the show AC announced my caption as the winner!  Cool, huh!  Here’s a link

Joe June 20th, 2008 10:21 pm ET
Quick, get under the table! Rove just walked in and boy, does he look mad!


  1. Congratulations! Did you win anything in particular?
    It is always fun to win something!

  2. No, Heather. On Monday they start giving away t-shirts. I wonder if I can be “grandfathered” in…?

  3. Hey, congrats, Mr. Winner!!! Your moment of fame!

  4. Yea, it wasn’t even 15 seconds!!!

  5. By far, your’s was the best comment out of all of the other 200. Sharp, quick, political satire! Good job!

  6. Don and Diane,
    The expression on McClellan’s attorney’s face was priceless…

  7. jan n jerry says:

    Congratulations………it’s wonderful to now know a celebrity………lol

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