I can't believe I won!

As most of you know, the only English news channel I get is CNN International.  The channel shows Anderson Cooper’s show live and it comes on in Kazakhstan at 8 a.m.  So, if I am not busy I watch it from time to time.  I watched it this morning (Saturday) which would be Friday night in the US.

He has this segment called Beat 360 which is a photo of the day.  Someone on the staff comes up with a slogan for the photo and then they ask people to come up with their own.  The photo was of Scott McClellan and his attorney appearing before a Congressional committee.  The attorney appears to be trying to duck behind McClellan. This is what I wrote and at the end of the show AC announced my caption as the winner!  Cool, huh!  Here’s a link

Joe June 20th, 2008 10:21 pm ET
Quick, get under the table! Rove just walked in and boy, does he look mad!

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