I love football!

My favorite season is here: Football!  Fall happens to coincide with much of the season as well.  And officially, fall begins in Ukraine on Sept 1.  With the rain and cool weather for the last three days, it is even beginning to feel like fall!

College football begins tonight.  While there aren’t any great matches worth staying up tonight, I will watch a couple of games on Saturday.  I don’t really like Notre Dame, however, they are playing Navy in Dublin, Ireland and it actually comes on early afternoon here, so I will be watching!  I will probably watch one of the Noon (7 p.m. my time) games as well.

Then Sunday night I will watch a game that is really played with the foot: European football!  The home team are playing their bitter rivals and I know our stadium will be full and loud.  I couldn’t get tickets last year for the game, so I purposely bought a season ticket so I wouldn’t have to worry about tickets.  It should be a good game.

So, let fall begin, let football be king, let the season be long!