I love/hate Austin!

I barely arrived in Round Rock (northern suburb of Austin) and was quickly reminded of my rocky relationship with Austin.  Traffic was completely stopped (not moving!).

Finally, I crept along the highway at 2-5 mph for about 5 miles!  I did not see one accident, not any remnants of an accident, nothing.  Once I hit the Austin city limit, traffic picked up until the I-35 split at UT.  Then it was back to crawling along the freeway until I reached the hotel.

Way north of the city there was a toll road that bypasses the city.  I guess I should rejoice that the city has FINALLY built an additional north-south route.  However, when I looked at the map, it looked like it went way east of the city.  Guess I need to take the road sometime to see how it is.  However, I frown on paying tolls in Texas when our fuel taxes are sooooo HIGH!

It looks rainy and I hope the forecast is right that it will be mostly cloudy (with no rain) for the game tomorrow night!  I need to find some Mexican food tonight as I will be holed up in my hotel room tomorrow until I go to the game… gotta watch Michigan beat Ohio State 🙂

Looking forward to walking around tomorrow before the game and observing all the tail gate parties going on.  It is a great atmosphere!!!  I just wish they would do something about the traffic… then I would only LOVE this city.