I want my House MD!

Remember the slogan “I want my MTV”?  It popularized MTV in the 80’s and one could hear it expressed on the streets as it became part of the pop culture in the US.

Well, the six months I was in the US, I became somewhat addicted to House MD.  Hugh Laurie is perfect in the role of House MD especially his interaction with the other characters in the show.  I looked at purchasing the DVD’s while in the US, but just never did.

Now, I wish I had.  My supervisor has the first season, so I will be able to see those DVD’s eventually.  However, it is causing me to just want to see more and now I am afraid I will need season 2 and 3!

However, it doesn’t stop there.  I really enjoy the Law and Order series (all of them) and now have seen some of the NCIS and I think I like it as well.  I not only want my House MD, but Law and Order and NCIS and…