I'm back online!

After several months off line due to changing servers, updating programs, etc I am back on line. While the site isn’t quite ready since Steve (host and web site designer extraordinaire!) is still making some changing, I wanted to let everyone what’s going on.

I made the “permanent” move to Karaganda on June 12 and haven’t stopped running since then. I am quite busy…

I can’t write everything that I would like to right now (cooking supper and getting ready to play basketball…), I will let you know that I am still waiting on approval for my visa. I turned in the paperwork 2 weeks ago and while I have provisional approval, until I have a visa in my passport, I won’t believe it!

Also, I shipped my belonging to Karaganda on June 7 and the container arrived yesterday. After several phone calls and 2 trips to the shipping office, I was told that it would be Friday before I could have my stuff. Hopefully, I will be able to have it delivered tomorrow!

There is incredible ministry going on here in our region. Pray for God to touch hearts that are open!

Later! Welcome back!