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Incredibly sad…

I just returned home from running numerous errands. I turned on the TV to find that a major earthquake had hit China. After watching CNN for a while, I remembered that I receive a Chinese channel in English (CCTV 9).

So I turned over to the station. What were they showing? The Chinese PM in some rural city checking out the grain harvest. I have been watching for the last 10 minutes and they still haven’t mentioned any thing about the earthquake. Maybe the station is pre-recorded… I find it incredible that CNN just reported 900 students buried in their school and a Chinese station isn’t reporting a crises in their own country…

UPDATE: I did find out that much of their programming is pre-recorded…


  1. Hello Joe,

    Prayed for you this morn. May your day be great and ministry very fruitful. Go Mustangs.
    Steve Nethery

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