Influences in life

There are people that God brings into our lives that influence us more than others. God has blessed me with many friendships with many such people.

One, in particular, didn’t start out in a grand way…

I met Charles “Chicks” Scherer while I was living in Fort Worth, attending Southwestern seminary and on staff at Southwayside BC. He and Ms Betty were in the prime of their lives. In years past, while the Scherer’s boys were growing up, Chicks, along with other men, coached them in basketball, led them in RA’s etc.

Needless to say, in the heyday of SWBC, the RA’s had collected more than their fair share of awards and trophies. Some men, including, Chicks, had helped get a very nice display case built in the hallway. Those trophies were displayed in those cases until a missions person (that would be me…) got the bright idea to have a Lottie Moon Christmas offering display.

I borrowed souvenirs from lots of SW members who either had been on mission trips or had been given them by missionaries. Through its more than 50 years, SW has been the home of too many to count IMB missionaries. So, numerous members have collected lots of souvenirs.

Well, as soon as the display was up, Chicks asked me where the trophies were and when they would be back in the case. The Sunday after Christmas, Chicks asked me again. Every time he saw me after Christmas, he asked me why the trophies weren’t back in the case.

Well, Chicks finally won out and I put the trophies back in the case. From that moment on, our friendship grew out of not so auspicious beginnings. That summer, when they went on vacation, Chicks asked me to house sit for him. That began me considering his home on Boyce St as my second home which continues to this day.

Ms. Betty went to be with the Lord in November 2006 (just days after I arrived home for furlough).

The reason I am writing about Chicks (and I did ask him before writing this…) is that he just turned 90 years old and his two sons and their families had a big celebration for him on Sunday. I have grown to love Chicks and his family.

He is one of the most giving people I have ever known. Most of the dress shirts, ties and socks (and too many other things to count) I own have been gifts from him (and Ms Betty when she was alive). He is the only man I have ever known that loves to shop more than the wife. SHE would sit on the benches at the mall while HE shopped!!

I have stayed at his home so much that I had a key to it for most of the time I was on furlough (along with other times when I was in the US). Well, that is about to change. He has decided to sell the home and move into a Senior Adult community. One brother jokingly asked him if he had asked me for my permission! (I say sell it if he can! Enjoy life!)

There are lots of influences in life. Some of the greatest influences for me have come from Southwayside BC in Fort Worth. Thank you Chicks for your love, support and prayers for me in this journey the Lord has called me to.

Congratulations on living 90 years of a life filled with giving to your fellow man. You are a blessing to me (and others) and a witness for our Savior. May your days be blessed…

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  1. I printed the above page, and will see that it gets into his
    “memory” book that is being put together by Richard’s wife,
    who asked all the party attendees to write something for the book. I brought home a couple of pages, and will see that it gets in that book.

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