Inspiration for the mid-week

I subscribe to the Dallas Morning News internet headlines. Each morning I scan the headlines to see what’s happening in Texas and the US. This morning there was a story about a young man with Downs Syndrome scoring a touchdown during a football game last Friday.

It seems the young man is the coach’s “assistant”, dresses out for the game, but can’t play since the doctors do not want him to take hits. Well, the two opposing coaches devised a play were the team was on their own 1 yard line, he took the ball and ran 99 yards for a touchdown.

You need to watch the video link in order to get the full effect. I sat watching the video with tears in my eyes. Watching his reaction after the touchdown is priceless.

You may have to sign up with DMN before viewing the video, but it is worth it. The story and video can be seen here.

May the Lord bless you this day.