Interesting days…

I have a Vonage phone that I purchased while on my last trip to the US in August.  I haven’t been able to get it to work properly here.  I have spent 2 hours on the phone the Vonage tech people who finally told me to contact my local internet provider.

I told one of my friends about the problem and he thought he could come fix it.  He came over and for one phone call I was able to use the phone.  After he left it didn’t work again.  Well, with me so busy purchasing a car, getting it registered, etc I haven’t have time for him to come back to see if he could fix it again.

Well, last Friday he came over and spent almost 2 hours working on the problem and got the phone to work but then my internet service to the computer didn’t work.  He worked on that and had to show me how to switch back and forth.  It wasn’t the way it is supposed to be, but it worked… at least for a while.  Later that evening the internet wouldn’t work, but the phone would.

The same was true for Saturday, however, by Sunday morning I was able to call one friend and then it hasn’t worked since, and neither has the internet.  I called the telephone company to send a specialist over to check it out.  He came at 9 p.m. last night (Monday) and spent 2 hours here to no avail.

He wanted to come again Tuesday but could come only in the evening.  Well, I wasn’t willing to give up my basketball time (since it was going to be our first time to play in a new gym- new to us…) so he agreed to come around 9 p.m. again.  Well, he showed up at 9:10 and brought a friend who sat at my computer for almost 2 hours again.

They were able to get the internet working and did a few other things I needed done, but they still couldn’t get the Vonage phone to work.  Well, he called his boss who confirmed that a VOIP phone could and should work here.  The boss has offered to take a look at it if I will take it by the office, which of course I will since I am paying for the use of the phone.

How did we ever live without internet…?