Is it always this way?

I made it home safe and sound on Thursday afternoon. After the way I was treated by KLM, I am beginning to wonder if customer service has gone out the window!

Let me illustrate…
Passport control at Bush Intercontinental Airport went incredibly smooth without long lines! Then I went to the baggage carousel and waited, and waited and waited… They announced some names and I thought I had heard mine but wasn’t sure. I had to laugh as I realized that the travel agent in Kyiv had typed my name RAGANIII, which means Ragan III.

The guy announced my name as Ra-ga-niii. I wasn’t laughing after I found out that neither of my bags made the trip from Amsterdam to Houston. I was told that the bags would be on the plane the next day. They had a later flight from Amsterdam, but they don’t put misplaced luggage on that plane. The reason why he couldn’t give me a difinitive answer.

So I gave him the address in Fort Worth and then asked for a toiletry bag since the new airline regs don’t allow for liquids in the carry on. He told me that I would have to walk over to another terminal to get one from the supervisor. I asked why they couldn’t have them in this terminal next to the carousel. (I guess that would have made too much sense!!!)

So, I walked over to the terminal, and asked for the supervisor on duty. She informed me that she was busy with check in and asked if I could wait until they were finished with check-in. I looked at the loong line of 50-100 people and told her “No I cannot wait.” I told her that I had just gotten off a 17 hour trip, tired and needing a shower. So, I was in no mood to wait another 30-hour. So I left.

After having some dinner, I had to go purchase my toiletries and then the next day I had to purchase some clothes and I didn’t have much with me.

On Saturday, I had to put all my plans on hold and stay at home to wait for my bag. I called 4-5 times to the KLM desk in Houston and they never returned my called. I didn’t have a number for the DFW lost luggage, so I couldn’t get any help.

Finally, at 3 p.m. I called the reservation desk for Northwest/KLM and a nice lady went looking for some info and finally told me that the bag was in Fort Worth and would be delivered by “early evening.” They were finally delivered at 5:35 p.m.

Needless to say, I don’t know if I want to be flying KLM any time soon…