Is life beginning to imitate art?

My sister sent me a story that American Family Association (AFA) sent to its followers. Here is the link. The quote from the student editor is quite astonishing.

Reading this story and reading the editor’s thoughts reminds me of a song that Ray Boltz sang a number of years ago called “I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb.” The video that was recorded for the song still brings tears to my eyes every time I see it or think about it. In the video, the father recounts how his father was able to pray in school and how Christians quietly sat by as that right was taken away.

The father goes on to tell his son that numerous other “rights” that Christians had were taken away, they never stood up and made their voices heard. It became incorrect to believe in the Bible, stripped away the right to worship. The father says, “I hope you never have to chose between your faith and your life.” The father leaves his son with these departed words, “Remember that God is the Father to the fatherless.” Afterwards he is taken away and we are led to beleive to be executed.

Are things that Boltz sings of in this song coming true to life? Are Christians becoming more passive and allowing our “voice” not to be heard? Is life beginning to imitate art instead of the other way around?